Mary's Touch

"Mary'€™s Touch" is an inspirational 30-minute radio program designed to bring listeners a greater understanding of Jesus€'s Mother, Mary, to remind us of Our Blessed Mother'€™s loving presence in our lives, and help us recognize the healing grace she still brings to this world.

Through a series of contemporary, real-life stories of faith, related by people who have prayed to Mary and, through her intercession, have had their prayers answered, listeners can gain a greater appreciation of Our Blessed Mother'€™s love and learn more about the Catholic faith.

"Mary's Touch" is hosted by Cheri Lomonte and Sally Robb. Each show includes two personal accounts, given by people who have surrendered to Our Blessed Mother their needs, their hopes, their fears, and their desires when they believed their prayers could be answered only through her miraculous intervention. Following each story, Cheri and Sally reflect on the events through the lens of Catholic teaching and the witness of love, and they discuss how these stories can be applied to our own lives. Then, because faith is ever evolving, the storyteller is brought back to talk with Cheri and Sally about the "rest of the story."

Contact Information:
Mary's Touch
P.O. Box 341991
Austin, TX 78734

Phone: (800) 682-1729