Phil Sandoval

Phil Sandoval is the host of The Phil Sandoval Show. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and whether it’s navigating your life, your marriage, your family, or your journey with Christ and the Church, Phil will be helping you to find real life solutions you can believe in. Join the conversation by calling 888-914-9149.

About Phil

Phil Sandoval is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of Aurora Counseling Center in Sacramento, CA. Aurora Counseling Center is a non-profit organization that serves people from all walks of life, including the low-income and uninsured population. Phil earned his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco and has worked in clinical settings with persons suffering from all types of emotional and mental illnesses.

Prior to becoming a therapist, Phil worked in the high-tech industry for nearly 30 years as a physical designer engineer. He taught electronics at the college level and has published course material in both electronics and management topics.

Phil served on the American River College Foundation Board and was recognized by the California Community College Association for Occupational Education for his work in developing a student-employee feeder system between colleges and industry. Phil has lived, worked, and traveled in countries around the world gaining an appreciation and respect for different cultures and traditions.

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