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Kristine Franklin is an award-winning children’s author and writer, a speaker, a podcaster, mom, grandma and Trekkie! Raised in a Fundamentalist Christian home, Kristine spent several years as an Evangelical missionary in Central America, working to get Catholics out of the Church. God had a better idea! Faced with many questions her own faith couldn’t answer, Kristine sought the truth until she ended up in the last place she expected - the Catholic Church.

Kristine and her family entered the Church in 1995. She has since done two television series on EWTN called Household of Faith. Her co-host was Rosalind Moss, who is now Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God.  the host of Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam on Immaculate Heart Radio.  She has written for many Catholic publications, has authored 12 children’s books, and is the host of the podcast Mercy Unwrapped. Kristine is happy to pray for anyone with a need - go to her website at CatholicGrandma.com


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  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 23, 2017 On today’s show:

    Guest: David Currie
    What do Protestants believe about the “rapture”?
    What is the history of end-of-the-world predictions? Are we in the “end times”?
    What the Bible and the Catholic Church teach about the end times.

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 22, 2017 On today’s show:

    Good marriages: Why does one look like? Kris shares some characteristics.
    Benevolent couple cares for the most un-adoptable infants.
    Living with alzheimer’s disease. Blessings lie within the suffering.
    Are you prepared for your death? We were never meant to die.

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 21, 2017 On today’s show:

    Guest: Rachel Muha. Rachel shares her story about losing her son.
    Rachel Muha, continued. Learning to forgive.
    Rachel Muha, continued: Rachel’s view on capital punishment.
    Rachel Muha gives advice to others struggling with forgiveness.

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 17, 2017 On today’s show:

    Irish priest develops a serious relationship with. . . beer; learns a lesson by foregoing alcohol for awhile.
    My son is in prison, and his best friend is dead. What good can come from this?
    Guest: Kevin Starrs describes his ministry to prisons in the Diocese of Phoenix. Catechesis, confession, faith and prayer.
    Kevin Starrs, ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 16, 2017 On today’s show:

    The organ donor in the office cube next door. Would you give a liver to a co-worker?
    When my husband ignores me for his smartphone, I cry out to my Mother Mary.
    Are you a procrastinator? Learns valuable lessons by observing Malibu Beach surfers. Beating the fears that limit you: Just go do it.
    “Charlotte’s ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 15, 2017 On today’s show:

    The magic of Dance – the perfect workout.
    Fireman helps a woman give birth during a crisis pregnancy – and ultimately adopts the child.
    “I found a receipt for an abortion in my daughter’s trash can; what should I do?” Advice from Katrina at www.alitalea.com.
    Cardinal Dolan: A Call to be Holy. His Eminence shares ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 14, 2017 On today’s show:

    What approaches can parents use to sort through the advice they receive?
    What are the effects of the self esteem movement?
    What is the biggest problem parents have when raising their kids?
    Why are so many new parents so anxious?
    What are the red flags that tell us we should ignore an expert’s advice?

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 13, 2017 On today’s show:

    Spiritual Warfare 101: Establish a daily spiritual defense plan.
    “Seven Signs of a Toxic Relationship – and Why You Need to End It.” Kris shares the warning signs.
    Does “fear” come from the Lord? Should we worry about bad bishops, priests and popes? Trust in the Lord.
    Most teens don’t get enough sleep. Should we ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 10, 2017 On today’s show:

    Have you been the victim of a scam? Kris shares her story – and shares a website where you can check up on that tempting offer:  www.supplementpolice.com.
    Is the Catholic Church oppressive to women? The Power of Women in the Church!
    Guest: Martha Reichert of “Endow” – a Catholic women’s apostolate.  www.endowgroups.org.
    Martha Reichert of ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, February 9, 2017 On today’s show:

    Dad’s focused on family can give them a career boost
    Family Breakfast can be great if the family is unable to meet for dinner. Kris tells her personal story about family breakfast.
    Why do children need chores at home?
    Morrie, that “Hat Man”, knits hats as he nears the end of life. He is dying ...