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Kristine Franklin is an award-winning children’s author and writer, a speaker, a podcaster, mom, grandma and Trekkie! Raised in a Fundamentalist Christian home, Kristine spent several years as an Evangelical missionary in Central America, working to get Catholics out of the Church. God had a better idea! Faced with many questions her own faith couldn’t answer, Kristine sought the truth until she ended up in the last place she expected - the Catholic Church.

Kristine and her family entered the Church in 1995. She has since done two television series on EWTN called Household of Faith. Her co-host was Rosalind Moss, who is now Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God.  the host of Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam on Immaculate Heart Radio.  She has written for many Catholic publications, has authored 12 children’s books, and is the host of the podcast Mercy Unwrapped. Kristine is happy to pray for anyone with a need - go to her website at CatholicGrandma.com


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  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 13, 2017 On today’s show:

    The Case for Taking a 7 day Facebook Detox
    How do you know you have a great boss?
    A Deacon Dentist provides free Dental Care for Clergy. A New York City man plays guitar with the homeless to help them earn money.
    Guest: Kenton Lee – Makes shoes that grows with the user for 15 ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 12, 2017 On today’s show: 

    Do you have an emergency slush-fund? Kris shares how to budget for small and big events that will happen in your life!
    Bad habits that you should ditch now. Stop avoiding conflict. Productive vs. “busy”. Don’t have a “work-first” mindset. Don’t accept stress as “normal”.
    Having the eyes of Jesus. Waitress at a cafe saves ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 11, 2017 On today’s show:

    Ways to help your children do chores. The family culture. The need for autonomy.
    “Why Catholics “Play Dumb” – Kris discusses a David Mills article. Witness is not necessarily argument. Witness even if you’re not an apologist.
    Raj, computer science student, designs an app that reduces food waste. www.zerowaste.us.
    The Book of the Bible that ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 10, 2017 On today’s show:

    The power of habits. Is it merely a matter of will-power? Dr. Wilding’s 3-Stages of Bad Habits. Cue, Routine, Reward.
    Are you “spiritual – but not religious”? Why do people say this? Analysis of the phenomena by Sister Teresa. How can one really get closer to God?
    Guest: Melissa Ohden, abortion survivor and Founder, ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 9, 2017 On today’s show:

    How much advice should grandpa and grandma give? The line between good advice and meddling.
    Earworms: How do you get rid of a catchy song in your head? Why songs are “sticky” to our brains.
    Teaching your kids to be responsible with a phone: Should you start with a flip-phone first?
    Teen suicide: The third ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 6, 2017 On today’s show:

    It pot harmless – or does it create a slacker? Bill laments his brother’s pot smoking. Latest research on the effects of Marijuana/THC.
    Background and myths regarding the Epiphany. Who are the 3 Wise Guys?
    Guest: Sister Teresa Aletheia on her book “The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Ones Back to the Church”. St. Teresa ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 5, 2016 On today’s show:

    Clutter, and the power of a clean desk. “Hot desks”. It it just a fad, and do productive people have only clean desks?
    How many years of your life do you want to spend watching television?
    Pope Francis on the gift of grandparents.
    What pictures make you happy?

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, January 4, 2017 On today’s show:

    Elderly christian grandma gets a poignant tatoo: “Do not euthanize me”. What have you done to make sure you won’t be euthanized some day?
    The founding of the Jesuits by St. Ignatius of Loyola. Give yourself a yearly Examen. Use your journal and your calendar.
    Social media: What is your time for spending less ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, December 30, 2016 On today’s show:

    “Can I Get a Witness?” – Callers share their blessings received in 2016.
    Callers share their blessings, continued.
    Caller: I was saved from a dangerous traffic situation. What are Kristine’s New Years’ resolutions?
    Caller: I’m 84, and I’ve been greatly blessed. 8-year-old sacrifices her meal for a homeless person – and reunites him with his ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, December 29, 2016 On today’s show:

    A more effective way to complain.
    Mother of a disabled child fights to solve a restroom problem affecting thousands.
    “Ms. Veteran America” pageant gets her life back with the help of a service dog.
    Good Samaritans help a Long Island woman search through a dumpster for lost wedding rings.