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Kristine Franklin is an award-winning children’s author and writer, a speaker, a podcaster, mom, grandma and Trekkie! Raised in a Fundamentalist Christian home, Kristine spent several years as an Evangelical missionary in Central America, working to get Catholics out of the Church. God had a better idea! Faced with many questions her own faith couldn’t answer, Kristine sought the truth until she ended up in the last place she expected - the Catholic Church.

Kristine and her family entered the Church in 1995. She has since done two television series on EWTN called Household of Faith. Her co-host was Rosalind Moss, who is now Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God.  the host of Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam on Immaculate Heart Radio.  She has written for many Catholic publications, has authored 12 children’s books, and is the host of the podcast Mercy Unwrapped. Kristine is happy to pray for anyone with a need - go to her website at CatholicGrandma.com


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  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 27, 2017 On today’s show:

    “Beautiful girls are thin – and I’m ugly.” The story of a girl’s path to anorexia.
    The many benefits of Reading. Why you should be an avid reader. . .
    “Give to everyone who asks. . . “ – Do we really have to follow this in today’s world?
    Sister Alethia Noble: Five ways the ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 26, 2017 On today’s show:

    Male loneliness: Studies show neglected friendships can shorten a man’s life. The elements of male friendship.
    Island nation bans Western food – and thrives. Putting one’s gifts forward to benefitting the entire world.
    The Age of Distraction: How to stay focused in a noisy, alarm, “notification” rich world.
    Wisconsin studio specializes in helping special-needs students ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 25, 2017 On today’s show:

    Why our current idea of romance is all wrong. . . What is “true love”?
    Can a “saver” and a “spender” live happily ever after? Kris shares communication tips for the money mismatched.
    “Know Thyself” – wisdom from St. Teresa of Avila, on the virtue of humility.
    An adorable cat turns a grumpy old man’s ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 24, 2017 On today’s show:

    Hi married guy; are you a helper? How to get into the habit of helping.
    Are you too busy for your kids? Kris talks about a call in phone line for kids who feel lonely.
    Ford creates crib that mimics car rides for restless babies.
    Ladies, do you pray for your husbands? Kris shares powerful ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 21, 2017 Rebroadcast: Originally aired February 14, 2017
  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 20, 2017 On today’s show:

    Are you a person that’s just plain angry at the world? Kris shares the signs. . .
    Can you really be free from worrying? Don’t let the past, or the future, intrude upon your peace. Be calm, always.
    “Why is this happening to me?” When we lose all hope and control, Jesus is there.
    Amazing ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 19, 2017 On today’s show:

    Prenatal testing for birth defects: Their inaccuracy is proving the baby’s amazing ability to repair themselves as they grow.
    The amazing teaching power of: Play. Don’t raise your child on “don’ts”.
    Why are so many of us “exhausted”? God’s will for you is peace.
    Journalism students investigate their new Principal for an assignment – and ...

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 18, 2017 On today’s show:

    Working mom learns that she has only a few months to live; decides to – keep working!
    Six methods to cultivate the virtue of Humility.
    Even good parents can raise an addict.
    Love Thy Neighbor – Kris shares some stories of friendship in the big city and the country.

  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 14, 2017 Rebroadcast: Today’s show originally aired 3-25-16
  • The Kristine Franklin Show, April 17, 2017 On today’s show:

    Kris reflects on observing the “Catholic Easter” as a Protestant missionary in Guatemala.
    What’s your Easter Joy? Callers weigh in on the Easter joys they had.
    Off-duty policeman saves the life of a 3-year-old girl on the way to his own wedding. Woman in a coma gives birth
    Does humble mean “quiet”? Does meek mean ...