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Joe Sikorra is the host of The Joe Sikorra Show – a current events show that looks at the news of the day through the eyes of a marriage and family therapist. Each day, Joe discusses what current events mean to you – your life, your marriage, your family, and your relationship with Christ and His Church. Join the conversation by calling 888-914-9149.

About Joe

Joe Sikorra has a broad and diverse background – a former police officer, former stuntman, actor, musician, singer-songwriter, and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, he is able to draw upon his wide range of knowledge and experience in analyzing the daily headlines and how they affect the real lives of his audience.

In addition to hosting the Joe Sikorra Show, Joe is currently a Marriage and Family Therapist at Stillpoint Family Resources in Southern California.

Joe and his wife Lori have been married for 27 years and have 2 sons with special needs.

Fr. Dave Heney

Fr. Dave HeneyFr. Dave Heney grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA, and was ordained for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1978. In 1991 he received a Masters degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from the University of Southern California.

He is the author of “Motivating Your Parish to Change”; a book on parish leadership, and “Don’t Tell Me What to Do!” a concise Catholic view of modern moral issues (imprimatur 1996).

Every year, Fr. Dave especially enjoys leading an archaeological pilgrimage of the Holy Land. He also joined the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, a Vatican organization that supports the Catholic Church in the Holy Land.

In 2002, he founded “The University Series” a large multi-parish adult education program during Lent that each year attracts over 11,000 attendees.

He recently finished his 12-year term as the pastor of his home parish of St. Paschal Baylon, and is now the pastor of St. Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier, CA.

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Joe’s Podcasts

  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 19, 2017 – Hour 2 On today’s show:Jesus will never let you go – so get out there and change the world! You’ll change yourself at the same time. Caller: My friend come out of a 72 hour psychiatric hold; I am afraid that he is headed there again. Caller: I just found out that I have cancer; I don’t know ...
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 19, 2017 – Hour 1 On today’s show:When you encounter stress, you might not always know why you are experiencing it. Caller: I am stressed about finding another job, and feeling down. Should I stay or should I go? Caller: I am stressed by my 13-year-old son who is defiant; I am trying tough love. Caller: My husband having a facebook relationship. ...
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 18, 2017 – Hour 2 On today’s show:Caller: How do I approach my daughter without getting defensive? Caller: I’m the oldest daughter, and I experience tension with my younger sisters who are getting married soon. How to use your brain to solve your anger solutions. Going forward, and being positive. When you are not fighting, you are not looking for solutions! How ...
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 18, 2017 – Hour 1 On today’s show:The origins of “explosive” anger. Jacobs daughter Dinah, and her experience with “explosive” anger. Caller: I am angry at my wife who has an online game addiction. Caller: I’m a victim of domestic violence; how do I find peace amidst my anger?
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 17, 2017 – Hour 2 On today’s show:Father Dave gives his explanation regarding high heels and why they are appropriate given the circumstances involved. Status quo. If you want your life to be focused, simply reflect on the reminders of the Mass. Ways in which you will be able to stand against the crowds. Reasons why strength is for service, not for ...
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 17, 2017 – Hour 1 On today’s show:How are you bringing out the “God flavors” in your life – right now? Our brains will get rewards when you examine Christianity and share it with others. What we can do as Christians when conforming to the public. Women and their high heels – status quo conformity.
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 16, 2017 – Hour 2 On today’s show:Caller: I have trouble forgiving myself, how can I get over this? Caller: How does one honor father and mother when I’m struggling to forgive them? Caller: I married man; I didn’t know that he was a homosexual. Forgive as soon as possible for reconciliations’ sake – but let God ultimately lead you to the ...
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 16, 2017 – Hour 1 On today’s show:When you are faced with forgiveness of your family members, what will you do? Should you forgive the unloving and unrepentant mother or father? Caller: How can I forgive my sister for abuse as a child? Caller: My husband passed, and I’m having a hard time forgiving him for his many affairs. Previous caller, continued: ...
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 13, 2017 – Hour 2 On today’s show:Caller: I am a parent – which makes me a giver by default. When you love your enemies, they will become the ones who realize that they need the mud bath. Caller: I am a giver to those around me. Things that happen when you become a fully generous person in every way!
  • The Joe Sikorra Show, January 13, 2017 – Hour 1 On today’s show:Are you a giver, or a taker? Caller: I gave so much of myself – and became a sap to my brother. Caller: My perspective of giving changed after I became older. Caller: 72 years old, went to my country and came back to see what real giving is.