Do you listen to Immaculate Heart Radio over the Internet? Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had a computer in every room so that you could hear all of it’s programs, no matter where in the house you happen to be? There is a quick,and fairly simple solution close at hand. In the following step-by-step process, we will help you to set up a small and inexpensive (less than $70) in house FM transmitter that plugs into the back of your computer and transmits Immaculate Heart Radio’s Catholic programming to any radio in your house. Just follow the instructions below, and you won’t ever have to miss out on your favorite show just because you have to be in another room.

There is only one item that you must purchase for this quick and simple project: an FM Transmitter

Note: Because this transmitter transmits a relatively weak radio signal, metal objects, walls, or any other large objects can either partially or entirely obstruct the signal, preventing it from getting to your radio. Because of this, you may discover that there are ‘dead spots’ in the building, areas where the signal cannot be received. Be prepared for this possibility so that it doesn’t surprise you later.

Because every FM Transmitter is bound to be different in operation, we strongly recommend that you consult the operating manual carefully. If it at any point conflicts with what you are asked to do in the following instructions, use the operating manual as the primary and correct source.The following instructions are based on the C Crane FM Transmitter.

  • Step 1: Using an FM radio, find a quiet spot on the FM radio dial.You are setting up a small radio station, and in order to do that you must find a spot on the FM dial that is quiet enough to broadcast a signal. Once you have found a quiet gap in between stations, tune your radio to the middle of that gap to keep interference from other radio stations minimal.
  • Step 2: Plug your FM Transmitter into your computer.
  • Step 3: Tune your FM Transmitter to that same quiet spot that you found in Step 1.Now that you have found a quiet space with your FM radio, you can tune your FM Tranmitter to that quiet spot. Just match the frequency on your transmitter to the one on your radio, and you’re nearly finished.
  • Step 4: Adjust your computer volume control until you get a decent volume.You should be able to hear Immaculate Heart Radio broadcasting out of your new miniature radio station now, and it may be either too quiet or be so loud that it’s distorting. Adjust your computer volume level so that it sounds just right. Congratulations! That’s all there is to it! You may now enjoy Immaculate Heart Radio’s 100% Catholic programming at any time of day, in any room in your house.

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