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General Information

KPJP, named in honor Pope John Paul II, began broadcasting in the Quincy and Susanville area on September 15, 2004. KPJP was the first FM station in the Immaculate Heart Radio family of stations, which will allow us to rebroadcast its signal to smaller translator FM stations throughout the Sierra Nevadas in the future.

Broadcast Area

KPJP broadcasts in the Diocese of Sacramento.

Pro-Life Organizations

Please Contact Us if you would like to add any information for local Pro-Life Organizations.

Community Links and News

Parishes in the Diocese and Catholic faith based ministries and apostolates can avail themselves of our Public Service Announcements free of any charge by using our online PSA Submission Form.

Youth Programs

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Adoration In Quincy

If you’d like to add information about adoration at your local parish, contact us

Mass Times in Quincy

Mass times in Quincy (Courtesy of