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Thank you so much for the ministry of your radio station. My wife Ellen and I are evangelical Christians who are considering the Roman Catholic Church. Please pray for us as we travel on this road. Both of us have been exposed to a lot of anti-Catholic rhetoric over the years, but your radio station has been a breath of fresh air in our lives. Please accept this gift as a small thank you for the powerful impact of your ministry in our lives.
- Scott and Ellen

I have been listening to Immaculate Heart Radio for quite a while now and it has really changed my life and helped me to grow and share my faith. I have learned so much from your shows - that I now feel I can begin to accurately defend my faith when called to do so. You’ve helped me come closer to God and to my parish, and that I cannot even begin to repay.
– Meagan

I stumbled across your station one night at work on an app on my phone. I was raised Catholic but had moved away from the church and God. Listening to your programming has renewed my faith, in ways I never thought possible. Thank you again for all that you do, and God bless you.
– Michael

During the roughest time in my life, I found Immaculate Heart Radio and started listening. As a result it comforted me, made me think, and challenged me; all of which got me on the right inner path to finding my way back to God. In a world of media that embraces fame, money, shock-culture and unrealistic reality shows, it is a welcomed relief to have the Immaculate Heart Radio community. This is place where I can be exposed to the things that will help me grow into a better person and promote the lifestyle I like to live.
– Ron