1. Alicia says:

    I am so blessed that I tuned into Immaculate Heart when I was at my losest point in Life… and felt so weaknened from this life’s most horrible tragedies…which i personally have experienced over the last 3 yrs nearly… I am managing muchmore “emotionally” better with God’s s Grace and the Hope for the resurrection for a better world ( since I found Immaculate Heart to listen to)…

    I used to not want to get up in the morning…and how I look forward to waking in the morning so that I can Thank God for his Love and his Creations… and for His Son….
    I used to feel so sad because I really never felt that I had a father… than I bursted out crying in my car while driving and hearing your radio… and Realized that I have the best Almight Father who Loves Me… I cried so hard in my car and was wowed… I do have a Father… Now I have something to be Thankful for… Even Thankful for ” the HOPE” that I have discovered. HOPE is something now to look forward to…..

    Because I found Immaculate Heart Radio… I am muchmore believing and revived to know that I have Hope for a new resurrection. I lost sight of this because of so many tragedies and hardships… I worked so hard over 30 years and pretty much starting over from recently losing my home and filing BK… nearing retirment…. I became so discouraged finding myself renting again, whereas, my heart was set on retiring and settling in what I had prepared for (yet lost it all)… Moreso the tragedy of my son’s misfortune almost 3 yrs ago… nearly finished me off… Now I can feel some Joy since I found Immaculate Heart…

    Another person who I found on your radio, who uplifted me is from Women of Grace… I am amazed at her Zest and Joy…after her tragedies… She also inspired me that life truly can go on.. I actually want to join her group to help build my faith further… I even look forward to getting involved soon with your Radio.

    Thank you so much …

    And please pray for me and also for my son…. Amen.

  2. Dale Oostermeyer says:

    I am so thankful for Immaculate Heart Radio and all it gives me. Ever since the station was opened in Monterey, and I went to the opening, it has been a lifesaver when I want to listen to the radio. I live in Soquel and really only had access to about 7-8 stations before IHR started broadcasting. I can pray the rosary every morning at 6:30 and have a place to listen to good programs any time during the day. Also I travel to Texas a lot (driving) and will be able to fine the stations when I am on the road.

    I did pledge to contribute when the drive was on but so far have not heard from anyone about where to send a cheque and also to get my bumper sticker. Will do that as soon a I do hear. And thank you again for making all this possible

  3. Estela Centino says:

    Immaculate Heart Radio is a blessing. Since I discovered the station about 2 years ago, I have been listening to it since then. I learned a lot from the different programs. My favorites include the Father Corapi show (very insightful), Catholic Answers Live with all the great Apologists (Patrick Coffin is a wonderful host), Mother Angelica (clever and witty), Dr Ray and all other shows. Thank God for this station!

  4. Dawn says:

    I listen at work, through the Itunes on my computer. I do visual work, so I am able to listen while I work. It helps me stay connected to my Catholic News and Faith building programs. I feel like I am fitting small bits of Catechism into my day. It’s very helpful and keeps me focus on Christ in the secular work place. Thank you!

  5. Meghan says:

    It took me forever to give IHRadio a chance, but once I did this last Lent I was not disappointed! Thanks to IHRadio I am more in tune with the news, my faith, and how it applies to everyday life. Thank you soo much for all you do there!! It really makes my day to listen to IHRadio!!

  6. Olga brouwer says:

    I am soooo happy to finally have IH radio in San Diego. I am hooked and rarely listen to the other radio stations. This has really helped me to strengthen my faith and also to be more bold about speaking out and standing up for my faith. Thank you so much for all that you do for all of us to help us to understand our faith and to deepen our faith.

    Olga Brouwer

  7. Kathy says:

    Your radio broadcast are very informative and somehow bring me peace and hope among the stress and tension in my life. Thank You!!

  8. Pat says:

    I find that Patrick Madrid is such an informed individual. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable, but he has brought new information into my life.

  9. BP says:

    Immaculate Heart Radio (IHR) has done so much in my life since KCEO went on the air in March 2012. IHR has enhanced my prayer life, improved my knowledge of the Catholic faith, and has made me a better Christian.

    Thanks to IHR, I am now aspiring to become an apologist. I don’t think I’ll ever reach the heights of Tim Staples, Jim Blackburn, Patrick Coffin, Patrick Madrid, Jimmy Akin, Jesse Romero, & Karl Keating; however, their shows motivate me to become a more informed Catholic-Christian.

    I am very grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for the inspiring folks at EWTN, Catholic Answers, IHR, and all other Catholic radio broadcasts who continue to evangelize the good news to our brethren through radio. May God continue to bless your apostolate.

  10. Maribel says:

    Thank you IMHR! Thank you for also including some of the worlds news. Since I listen to your station while working 10+hrs a day. I am still aware of other news and don’t even need to change station.

    Thank you!
    God bless us all even when we sound a little grochee…: )

  11. Joan says:

    I started listening to IHR in my car this past January while going to and from radiation treatments. I am not usually in my car at that time of day and was searching for something to make the drive easier.
    While surfing stations, I heard the rosary being recited and I was hooked. The two people who say the rosary have the perfect amount of reverence and devotion in their voices.
    After my treatment as I was returning home, Patrick Madrid was on the air. His knowledge of the Catholic faith, the respect he shows his callers and his gentle voice made me a huge fan.
    My treatment is over and I was declared cancer free by my oncologist in February. I praise the Lord for his mercy and remain a loyal listener to IHR.

  12. LindaRose Goldkamp says:

    I listen to IHRadio on AM1000 because everything I hear is PRO my faith in GOD. GOD is first and foremost in my life. I like being intuned to the news of the world. I get that on IHRadio, AND I enjoy listening to your great speakers who speak and promote their faith in the one TRUE GOD, reaffirming GOD’s teachings.

    I love the fact that your “PRAYING THE ROSARY”, which the Blessed Mother promotes, is on your DAILY schedule!!!

  13. Patricia T says:

    Hi- I have been listening first in the SF Bay Area from 2000 until 2012 and now in the Stockton area since then. I commute an hour each way and recently the 5-7PM programming has been fabulous with Bible Studies, Fr. Barron, Fr. Larry Richards talks, etc. I hope that the funding we all give can help you afford to continue these 2 hours of teaching and learning. It has made my commute time so valuable. I never want to stop learning about my faith and so many of these programs, no matter now long ago they might have been recorded are valuable. Keep up the great use of air time for the Lord.

  14. Daniel Marling says:

    I enjoy the variety on IHradio. I also enjoy hearing new testament scripture. It’s helping me grow in faith and community.

  15. Yolanda says:

    I’m a committed christian,saved by the precious blood of Jesus,He shed on the cross. I’ve listened to Christian Radio for over 40 years. Recently I started listening to Immaculate Radio and hear such lovely programing, calling out Scripture versus and commenting and teaching on them. Thank you for ministering to the general public and not only to members of the Catholic Church but to Christians such as myself.

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