2016 ExpensesImmaculate Heart Radio (IHR) is governed by IHR Educational Broadcasting, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Catholic ministry. No individual owns any stock in the corporation, which is held for charitable purposes. The Board of Directors at large serve without compensation, and a person with supervisory accounting experience holds one of the board positions.

In addition, IHR is a founding member of the Catholic Radio Association (CRA).

Immaculate Heart Radio complies with the following guidelines:

  • Obtain an annual audit performed by an independent accounting firm, and maintain a functioning audit review committee, appointed by the board, to review this annual audit and report to the board.
  • Be governed by an independent, responsible board. The board must also meet regularly to establish policy and review accomplishments.
  • Provide a copy of its current audited financial statements to anyone upon written request.
  • Comply with ethical standards for fundraising, including truthfulness in communications, using funds specifically for the purposes for which they were given and not creating unrealistic donor expectations.

Additional Information: