Dear Immaculate Heart Radio:

THANK YOU! Thank you for the service you do for our community and what you have done for my soul. Your station is the only one I listen to and I can’t tell you how my life has changed. I was baptized Catholic but knew nothing of the faith. Because I had no understanding, it had no meaning for me and I didn’t go to church for many years. I always knew, though, that the truth was in the Church and so I never went looking for it elsewhere. I’ve always read the lives of the saints and admired them tremendously but even then didn’t really understand how they were able to live the way they did. But then, this wonderful station came to our area and Father Corapi particularly taught me so much. When I learned about the Real Presence, everthing else just fell into place. I can’t believe how our Lord has blessed us, how rich the treasures of are of our faith. I LOVE to sit with Jesus, I love Mass, I love to pray. I can’t believe how easy it is to tlak to the Creater of the universe and to his blessed mother and all the saints. And confession, what a beautiful encounter with our Lord, hard as it can be to do sometimes. And when I’m not at prayer, I can turn on this station and learn more about the infinity and perfection of God and meditate on His greatness. My life is so rich now, and I’m so in love, with our Lord with our Church, with our Blessd Mother and St. Joseph and other saints.

God used you to find me, His lost sheep. I was lost and now I’m found. I was blind and now I can see. I thank you for the wonderful ministry that you do, and particularly that you do it faithfullly, talking about the bitter and the sweet and not compromising Truth. Everyone elese does but Jesus never did. Sometimes some people in His Church will compromise with Truth, but then there are ministries such as this one that help us perceive the deceptions and keep us on The Way.

I can’t adequately thank you for being such an enormous contribution in saving my soul for eternity but I want to thank you in any way I can. I also want to thank you for a book you sent me this week, Catholic Replies, by James Drummey. It’s very readable and understandable and will help me to give resons for the hope within. Thank you again. I pray for your ministry every day and I know God and His Holy Mother will continue to bless you.

Yours In Christ,