Submit your PSA Request

Please use the following form to submit PSA requests.
  • Please read carefully as our process has changed.

    Each week, Immaculate Heart Radio selects two (2) organizations per listening area for inclusion into our Community Calendar announcement schedule.  We refer to these announcements as  Public Service Announcements (PSA).  Each PSA runs at least twice daily for 7 days.

    For your community/parish to be eligible for a PSA:

    You must submit your request a minimum of 3 weeks before the Sunday you would like your announcement to begin to air.

    Your organization must have non-profit status.

    Your event must cost less than $10.00 to attend

    Your event must be in line with IHR’s Mission Statement and be of general interest to a wide listening audience.

  • Please enter your phone number including area code in the following format (###)###-####
  • Ticketed/Charged events may not qualify for our Community Calendar announcement, and you may be offered a promotional package for air time
  • Please note: There is currently a 3 week turn around in creating the spots for our community calendar. Our spots run from Sunday to Saturday, so please select the Sunday you'd like to have your spot start. (If you don't see any Sundays available, please move forward to the next month)
  • Double-check your information! Make sure the dates and times are accurate, and that you include the name of the event and the organization sponsoring it, where (including the city) and when. Give a phone number or website for more details. Just outline the main points you want to convey, and say the important points first. We will write the actual script. Please provide a phonetic spelling for any name that may be difficult to pronounce based on the spelling.
  • After a review you should receive an email from our Public Service Director, Toni Berry. If your event is chosen, the week your spot will be airing will be indicated in the email. (We currently have no access to information about the specific times slots it will run.)

    Contact our Public Service Director with any questions.