Your Unique Place In The Universe

Your Unique Place In The Universe

Have you ever looked out at the night sky and contemplated the vastness of the universe? It is an experience that can fill the soul with wonder and awe – or make you feel insignificant, like a single grain of sand in a vast desert.

Recently on The Phil Sandoval Show, Phil reflected on our smallness compared to the scale of the universe, but that this smallness can help draw us to the Lord, and allow us to recognize how significant we really are. He said:

“We are not particularly good at recognizing our nothingness in the face of the universe. When you think about the grandeur of the universe, size-wise our little bodies are insignificant compared to the size of the galaxy. And yet we’re not nothing.

In fact, I think my faith comes into play when I think, ‘Why God, am I this man, here, small in relativity to the universe, why do I feel that I am so great? That I have purpose? That I have interest, desire, ambition, and curiosity?’ And I think that’s one more time when God is speaking to us, in His way, giving us the opportunity to recognize Him.

Yes, in the grandeur of the universe, I as a human being am a rounding error,  and yet I have the capacity of consciousness. That is unique in the universe. And not only that, I have the uniqueness of me, in contrast to all my brothers and sisters that have come before, that will go after, and are here with me now.

There is something very special and unique about you. The grandeur of the universe brings me to God, because I think, ‘In all of this, God, why do I worry? Why do I aspire? Why am I here? What’s my point?’ And here, through the great saints, and through the priest that is writing to me today, he helps me to figure this out. In the Gospel of Matthew I learn to be like a child here, in awe, experiencing what’s presented.”

Listen to Phil’s reflection below:

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