Success Without God Is Impossible

Success Without God Is Impossible

St. Teresa of Calcutta once said, ‘God did not call me to be successful, He called me to be faithful.’ So often in life we have our priorities skewed. We seek after worldly success and the approval of others wherever we can find it, but don’t turn to the Lord and ask what His will is, how He would have us succeed.

In fact, recently on Heart to Heart, Mother Miriam took it one step further. Not only are we called to choose faithfulness over success, but we can never be truly successful unless we are faithful. She said:

“No matter what you’re going through, as long as you want God above all things, you’re in His will, and it will be fine. If you don’t want God above all things, then you’re in trouble, because then you’re not in His will.

How do I know that? Because we can’t be in God’s will if we want anything before Him. Anything at all. The only way to be in His will is to hold nothing back from God. We cannot be accountable for things we don’t know, but if you don’t give your life to Christ, if you go your own way, it will fail.

God is too loving to not make sure that you fail. Because if you’re successful without Him, you’ll spend eternity without Him. He loves you too much. … If you know better (if you don’t know better that’s another thing) and you act against that knowledge, then you’re in trouble. You will fail. Your plan will fail. Because if you succeed without God you are doomed.

The only eternity that is going to give us more happiness than we could ever imagine is that with Christ. And that eternal life with God begins now. The minute we walk with Him, the minute we’re baptized, and the minute we begin to walk with Him with our whole heart.

So many times He said, ‘The truth will set you free.’ Nothing else will set you free. And I’m telling you this because I want you to be happy. I want you to be happy, and I know that happiness does not lie in getting your own way. Happiness lies in discovering God’s way for you, His will. And then trusting the one who loved you and gave Himself for you.”

Listen to Mother Miriam’s reflection below:

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