Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God’s Voice

Prayer is simply a conversation with God – and just as listening is necessary for any good conversation, listening is a necessary part of prayer. But how do we listen to God? What are we even listening for?

Recently on Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam, Mother was discussing the importance of silence, and explained how we can better listen to God and how to hear His voice in prayer. She said:

“A good number of our listeners have called in that they pray all the time, they ask God for this, they ask God for that, maybe a new job, maybe a husband, maybe they need help with a problem – and they say God never seems to answer. He doesn’t hear. But maybe we’re not hearing Him.

If all we’re doing is asking Him, we’re not sitting in prayer before Him, we’re not sitting in silence, bringing our heart to Him, then we’re never in a space to hear Him. How are we going to hear Him?

Will He speak to us in audible words? Usually not. Some people He does, but that’s His own little miracle. Will we feel any great thing? Usually not. Well, then what do we do when we listen?

Slowly and silently, we come in our minds and hearts to an answer, to a resolution, that we haven’t had until then. And some people say, ‘God told me this,’ and I ask, ‘How do you know?’ and they respond, ‘It’s what I sensed. It’s what I came to.’ That’s true.

God will confirm His will to your heart, if you listen and if you want His will above all things, including what you want. Because what you want could be the worst thing in the world for you, or for your children. If you say what Jesus said, ‘Not My will, but Yours be done,’ then you are always safe, and He will never fail to answer.”

Listen to Mother Miriam’s full reflection below:

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