How a Community’s Generosity Inspired a Health Insurance Alternative

How a Community’s Generosity Inspired a Health Insurance Alternative

When Chris Faddis’ wife, Angela, was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, they were devastated and overwhelmed. With such a diagnosis, finding hope can feel like an impossible task. But their friends and family in Arizona told them about some treatment plans from local providers that could potentially extend Angela’s life. These treatments offered a glimmer of hope – but they were not cheap, and they were not covered by insurance.

Chris Faddis told the story of how their Catholic community rallied around them, and how this example helped launch a health insurance alternative that provides hope to other families:

“We had to figure out how we were going to come up with $100,000. I launched a support page, and I said, ‘I need your support to help save my wife’s life.’ And 24 hours after I launched that campaign, we had raised $11,000.

I’ll never be able to express and truly thank people for what they did for us. In a month, on that site alone we raised $35,000. Other people did other fundraisers and we raised $60,000.

Angela got those treatments and started pushing the cancer back. And it was our community who really banded around us. For me, it was like the communion of saints. It was like this understanding of what it really means to pray for one another, to share materially with one another, and do what it takes.

I just kept thinking, ‘How can we do this for other people?’ This idea behind Solidarity Healthshare really was born out of witnessing the goodness, the kindness, and the generosity of all these people around us.

As we looked at health sharing, we thought, ‘Wow, here’s a great opportunity!’ People get to choose their own doctors, they get to choose the treatment they want, they submit their bills, and the members of that community pay those bills. And we don’t have to go raise money, because we’re all paying a monthly amount. We’re all making sure that money is there. That’s the beauty of healthcare sharing, and that’s why we started Solidarity Healthshare – to provide this hope and this future for healthcare.”

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