How Catholic Radio Helped Me as a Single Mom

How Catholic Radio Helped Me as a Single Mom

As Catholics living in the world, it’s easy to relegate our faith to Sunday mornings and forget about it the rest of the week. Between commitments to work, school, family, and friends it can be difficult to find the time to learn more about our faith, or give God the attention He deserves.

That’s why countless listeners have shared with us that Immaculate Heart Radio has been a lifeline – because it is always there to bring the Gospel into any moment of the day. Earlier this week, a listener named Mary called in to The Patrick Madrid Show to share how much having Immaculate Heart Radio available has helped her as a single parent. Mary said:

“I found out I was pregnant at 20 years old. It was out of wedlock, but I told the father, and from that point forward I realized that I didn’t want to have the abortion. He was very respectful of my personal choice. He was supportive of whatever choice I was going to decide on, and that if I were to keep the child he would continue to support me and the child. We actually co-parent, but we’re not together.

Similar to what Rene was saying, a lot of my faith formation and helping to raise my daughter as a single parent (although the father is an active parent and is great) is listening to Catholic radio.

Because I listen to Catholic radio I realize the importance of having a strong faith, and also of having more knowledge of my faith. It became like my extra spouse. The additional insight, and wisdom, and togetherness that I felt while raising my daughter and making better choices in life was because you guys helped provide for me that additional information, awareness, and knowledge.

Starting from early in the morning to the end of my day, and sometimes in between, it brings me back to my faith, it centers me, and it’s a great way to keep me grounded.”

Listen to Mary’s full story below:

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