Radio Conversion

Radio Conversion

After graduating from college, I abruptly stopped going to Mass and essentially stopped practicing the Catholic faith almost altogether.

Fortunately, God blessed my husband and I with our oldest son. Knowing that we wanted him to be baptized and raised Catholic, we began attending Mass regularly while I was pregnant. After he was born and growing up, I knew that I had to be prepared to answer his questions about the faith and wanted to learn as much as I could.

God answered this desire, using the Catholic Sun to lead me to Immaculate Heart Radio 1310 AM. I tuned in to Catholic Answers Live on my commute home from work and listened to the podcasts at night and on the weekends. Through Catholic Answers Live, I learned so many things that I had not understood before. I heard questions that I had never even thought to ask!

In the summer of 2014, I listened to Trent Horn explain the Trinity on a segment of Catholic Answers Live. Previous to that, my understanding had been that the second person of the Trinity began to exist when Jesus was born. I also thought that the Holy Spirit was a force that was controlled by the Father and the Son. Through Trent’s explanation, I learned that the Son of God has always existed, even before the Incarnation, and that the Holy Spirit is not a force, but a person of the Trinity! It was a big moment for me when all of this clicked. My understanding of God dramatically shifted in a matter of minutes. That impacted my prayer life too, because I came to know that I could pray to the Holy Spirit!

Also, for years I received the Eucharist at Mass because Jesus has said “Do this in remembrance of me.” I had no idea that I was receiving Jesus Christ himself until a few years ago. I grew up thinking that I was genuflecting to the altar. Now I am humbled and happy to bow down to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords every time I come into the church or Adoration Chapel!

Some of the other shows that I particularly enjoy are the Patrick Madrid Show, Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam, and the Terry and Jesse Show. Patrick Madrid frequently looks at current events and the culture through the lens of the Catholic Faith. Mother Miriam exudes love, speaks truth, and shares the gospel in special, unique, and sometimes challenging ways. Terry Barber and Jesse Romero refer to their show as “The Lord’s Gym” and invite listeners to a spiritual workout in order to be prepared for spiritual battle. They are the most energized Catholics I’ve ever heard!

Immaculate Heart Radio has been such a blessing for me, not only to learn more about the Catholic faith, but also as a great source of encouragement for living the Catholic faith in day-to-day life. Because of the impact on my life, I want to share this great station with others who may benefit as well!

Re-printed with permission from: Vidi Dominum, the Parish Bulletin of St. Mary Magdalene Parish in Gilbert, AZ.