How A Nun Counseled a Woman Being Pressured Into Abortion

How A Nun Counseled a Woman Being Pressured Into Abortion

When a woman is pregnant and faces difficulty (whether financial, family, or medical challenges) family, friends, or doctors often suggest abortion as a “solution” to those problems. This was the case for a listener named Angela who recently called in to Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam to ask for advice. Angela said:

I’m about 15 weeks pregnant and a couple of weeks ago the doctor’s found out that the pregnancy is not going very well. The fetus has a lot of swelling all over the body and a condition in the neck that means it is most likely not going to make it. Right now I’m at the stage where I’m waiting for the official genetic results to come back, but the doctors have given me a pretty poor prognosis that the baby won’t make it through the pregnancy. And so, the subject of terminating the pregnancy has been coming up a lot from my family and medical professionals, saying that if I continue the pregnancy I’m putting my own health at risk.

Mother Miriam responded:

“What if you said this? Instead of saying, the question has come up about terminating the pregnancy, if you changed the wording to say the issue has come up about killing the baby, would you still have the same question?”


“There’s no difference. The only way you terminate a pregnancy is by killing the baby. If you say terminate a pregnancy it’s like a decision about whether to have a procedure, like having a tooth pulled. If you say, ‘I don’t know whether I should kill the baby’ that’s really what you’re saying. If you said that, would you make a decision to kill the baby?”

No I wouldn’t.

“What if you didn’t kill the baby, but your own life would suffer if you didn’t – you would suffer physically. Would you still kill the baby if you knew that?”

No I still wouldn’t.

“You see, you have to call it what it is. You have to say what it is. The question is: Should you kill the baby that God Himself has formed within you? That’s your question. And if I were you, I would say no. If God has given me this baby, the baby is not mine, the baby is God’s. If God wants me to raise this baby, then the baby will be born and He’ll show me how to raise the baby. If God does not want me to raise the baby and wants to take the baby while in my womb and the baby dies within me, that’s up to God.

But only God gives life. And we’re at peace because we don’t ever have to make those decisions. We never take life, it’s God’s business. So you can be at peace, regardless of what’s going on with that baby in your body or what anyone says. God has formed that baby, and it’s up to God, because He knows best, about whether to take that baby’s life in or outside the womb.

… What if we see a person who is disabled on the street – all twisted up, head hanging down, arms crooked, feet crooked, the body malformed, walking with a cane, and he’s 80 years old? Do we say, ‘What’s that man doing around here? He should be killed’? No. We say, ‘That man is suffering.’

You have a new baby in your womb, and if that baby is deformed, that’s not a neon sign to kill someone, but to have more compassion on them.

… Come together with your 10-year-old daughter and say, ‘You are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh – you are my child. God allowed me to give you life … and we now have a little brother or sister in me, and that little brother or sister is really struggling. She may be handicapped, she may not come to full term, we don’t know. So let’s talk to her every night. Let’s give her a name now. Let’s talk to that little baby every night. Let’s say I love you, and let’s pray a Hail Mary over her.’

Pray a Hail Mary with her every night, do it with your daughter – let her get to know her sibling, before that baby is born. Regardless of the condition of that baby when she comes from your womb, she will be the most precious soul in the world, and you will be a beautiful witness to life.

Find a good, mature woman at the church; someone who can really take you under her wing and really be your support. Let her pray for you and call you. And be very close with your daughter through this whole thing. Bring your daughter into it, because that’s her sibling. And she has a right to her sibling.”

Listen to the full conversation below, and please join us in praying for Angela and all women facing pressure to have an abortion.

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