Meet Ray Recto – Our Volunteer of the Month!

Meet Ray Recto – Our Volunteer of the Month!

Immaculate Heart Radio is blessed with hundreds of volunteers who give of their time and talent at our pledge drives, events, and even in their own parishes as Parish Ambassadors. These generous listeners play an important role in our mission to spread the Good News of Christ to all the world – we couldn’t do it without them! Each month we will introduce you to a volunteer who inspires us by their example of dedication and service.

This month, we want to introduce you to Ray Recto.


Ray is a Parish Ambassador at St. Joseph Church in Pinole, CA. He recently shared with us why he volunteers for Immaculate Heart Radio, and what he loves most about it:

When St. Pope John Paul the Great said that we have to evangelize, I asked myself: How can I evangelize?  I couldn’t see myself standing at a corner and preaching or something like that.

So when the pledge volunteer asked me, years ago, if I would like to be a Parish Ambassador, I got excited! I was like, “This is it! I will be able to do the great Pope’s request!”

What I love the most when I volunteer is when somebody comes up to me to tell me that he was converted by the Immaculate Heart Radio bumper sticker that we hand out to everybody!!  That’s a powerful statement! Can you imagine a simple thing as a bumper sticker to be responsible for a person’s conversion? That is so awesome! This has happened more than a few times and it always gets me so overjoyed! It never gets old.

This is why I love to volunteer!

Thank you Ray, and all our volunteers who give of their time and talents for Immaculate Heart Radio! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole Cardin, at