God Finds Us

God Finds Us

In church circles, there is a common term for one who is not a practicing Christian, but is interested in exploring Christianity – a “seeker.” But seeking is not a one-time event. Even after accepting Christianity, we often experience doubts about the existence of God or the truth of Catholicism.

During these times, we once again search for God, desperate to find Him. But recently on Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam, Mother indicated that it is not we who find God, but rather He who finds us. She said:

“So if you’re listening and you’re not sure if God exists, I want to tell you that He does. And that He loves you. You are loved. You are created by love and for love; and if you don’t believe that, it’s because you don’t know Him. You don’t know the one who fashioned you in your mother’s womb and made you for Himself. But it’s true, dear ones, it’s very, very true.

And He will not cast out, ever, anyone who wants to know Him and who comes to Him. He will never, ever say no. And if you’re not sure He’s there, tell Him that. He knows that, He knows your heart. Say, ‘Lord, I’m talking to you and I don’t know if you exist. If you do exist, I don’t know how to know that, but I want to. And if you’re God, I know that you can show me, and I ask you to do that.’

If we come to Him with a humble heart and ask Him, He will answer us. Maybe not in the ways and the timing that we think – His ways are better and higher than ours – but He will lead us.

If we come to Him with a haughty heart, proud and arrogant and challenging, then He may not give us the time of day, because it wouldn’t help us if He did, because we really don’t want to know Him.

But if we do there will never, ever be a heart that wants to know God that will not find Him. God said to Jeremiah, ‘You seek Me, and you will find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.’ It’s a promise. It’s a fact. So those of us who have found Him – it’s really a fallacy. We haven’t found Him, He found us. He poured His love into us and we discovered Him. We think we found Him, but we didn’t find God. He wasn’t lost. We were.

But when we find Him, and when we continue to seek Him, and when He brings us to the fullness of heaven this side of eternity – which is in His one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church – when we’re in that Church we have every means of grace, every means of getting to heaven, and every means of happiness this side of heaven, even if our circumstances aren’t so terrific sometimes.

But our happiness is not in our circumstances, ever. It’s in God. And our circumstances can go sour, but God has allowed that, and we trust Him, and we know that our life is in Him. It’s wonderful.”

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