Don’t Feel Like A Failure If Your Children Leave The Church

Don’t Feel Like A Failure If Your Children Leave The Church

There are more than 32 million people in the United States who were raised in the Catholic faith but no longer identify as Catholics. We know that many of our listeners have experienced the heartache of their children leaving the faith, and the experience can bring up a variety of negative emotions.

Recently on The Patrick Madrid Show, a listener named Leo shared that despite raising his kids in a Catholic home, his son no longer considers himself Catholic. Leo said that he feels like a failure of a father because his son has strayed from the faith.

Patrick had some words of encouragement and resources for Leo, and all parents whose children have left the Catholic faith:

Don’t Despair
“As a father, I can understand why you would have those emotions. But try not to dwell on that, dwell more on what a great father God is, and how as much as you love your son, God the Father loves him even more. And He’s going to give you the things that you ask Him so that you can help your son make his way back to the practice of the faith. So don’t despair.

Be Patient
Know that God is patient with our sins and the ways that we can take detours often into very ridiculous territory. Just as God is patient with us, you can be patient with your son as well. It may hurt you, and it may make you feel very sad that you see your son doing this, but trusting in God our Father and asking Him to work His grace in the life of your son will not go unanswered. That is not a prayer that will go unanswered. So remain resolute.

Reach Out
If your son is willing to listen, I would recommend a digital download that you could play for your son. It’s by Father Bill Casey, and it’s called ‘Lukewarm Catholicism.’ And this talk by this priest, for anyone who is willing to listen to it, I think it will blow the doors off their sense of complacency.

You can get the talk for free by joining the ‘Friends of Patrick Madrid’ list. Here’s how you get it for free: Text PATRICKMADRID to 84576. You’ll get a link almost immediately to sign up with either your phone number or e-mail and then you’re on the list. And everything that’s there, including that talk by Father Bill Casey, is free.

So hang in there. You’re trying the best you can, God knows that, and He’s going to continue to give you the grace that you need to be a good example to your son.”

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