When God Is Silent

When God Is Silent

When you care about someone, receiving the silent treatment from them can be incredibly hurtful. It can cause confusion and division in relationships and is considered a form of abuse. Recently on The Joe Sikorra Show, Joe and Fr. Dave Heney were discussing the silent treatment and received a call from a listener named Mike who has been hurt by God’s perceive silence in his life. Mike said:

I was born and raised Catholic – grew up Catholic my whole life. I veered away from it now and I’m not really a believer because I feel like God turned away from me. I feel like I’m getting the silent treatment from God.

Fr. Dave Heney gave Mike some insight on a few ways God speaks to us – and ways that He doesn’t:

“We believe that God actually speaks in the words of the Scriptures. That is the Word of God. It might not have ‘Dear Mike’ written at the beginning of every epistle or at the beginning of each gospel, but we do take it as God’s address to us.

I think the other way is that, I’m the son of a scientist, and I think God speaks to us through what He’s made, through Creation; through its beauty and order and organization. St. Paul says that very powerfully at the beginning of Acts. So I think through the Scriptures and through Creation God definitely speaks to us.

But let me say this, sometimes you may have said, ‘Dear Lord, I want this, or I need to know this, or tell me this.’ One thing God doesn’t do is He doesn’t respond to our demands. He will speak to us in His time in a manner of His design. So we just stay attuned and pay attention and be patient.

And sometimes God is going to speak to us not so much in words that we hear in our head, but through certain behaviors or events that happen in our life. Isn’t it interesting that you met this person at this time, and then you had this experience, and you moved to this city and you had this thing happen, etc. And you look back on it and you can see a certain pattern, a certain organization. That’s one of the ways that God speaks to us.

One of the ways He doesn’t speak to us is at our demands. He’s not going to speak in a way that His presence can be proven, because it’s always going to remain an act of faith. It always has to remain an act of faith.”

Listen to the full conversation below:

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