Why Are Catholics So Obsessed With The Life Issues?

Why Are Catholics So Obsessed With The Life Issues?

The life issues (abortion, euthanasia, etc.) have been getting a lot of attention lately. Between the March for Life, the Walk for Life, OneLife LA, and the Supreme Court nomination of a judge with a pro-life record, both Catholic and secular media have been focused on the life issues and where we as a country stand on them.

This lead a listener to write to Father Matthew Spencer, OSJ, host of St. Joseph’s Workshop, to ask:

Why is it that we’re talking about the life issues so much in the Church and we’re not talking about the other issues?

During his show, Father Matthew responded:

“I do believe that oftentimes as Catholics we focus on one issue and we forget about the others. That doesn’t mean that we as a Church believe that. That was very clear from the Walk for Life in San Francisco and the March for Life in Washington D.C. That to be pro-life does not mean only to protect the lives of the unborn in the womb, but also to care for, to be compassionate, to be loving, to be forgiving, to be merciful, to be there for people who are suffering and struggling. In all stages of life – whether they’re addicts, whether they’re abuse victims, whether they’re poor or rich, whether they’re Catholic or not. We have this responsibility to stand up for life.

I appreciate the opportunity to clarify that I agree with you that there is not just one thing that we should be concerned about in the Church. I think the reason that we often focus on the ‘life’ issues is because they’re so egregious, they’re so tragically misguided in our country. And if you don’t get life in the womb right, how are you going to get anything else right?

If you don’t have a foundation of appreciating that life is precious from the very moment of conception, and should be protected, then how do you follow through with anything else? And I think we’re missing that foundation as a country.

Maybe it’s true that we need to be talking about other things. But we always come back to protecting the life of children in the womb, because without that everything else is going to crumble. Everything else is not going to be able to be defended.”

Listen to Father Matthew’s full response below:

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