The Secret to Finding Family Peace

The Secret to Finding Family Peace

For many families, holiday gatherings have more tension than tenderness. Old wounds and arguments can create resentment, which builds over the years and creates distance between family members. Recently on Heart to Heart with Mother Miriam, Mother shared her secret to finding family peace:

“Is there anyone in your family that is away from God and that you wish you could draw back to Him? A child, a husband, a friend, an enemy? I think as we draw near to Christmas it’s just the most difficult time of the season for many, many people.

Many people may not be open to receiving the message of ‘evangelization’ or ‘the Gospel message’ – Jesus loves you, Jesus died for you, etc. They may or may not be, especially if they are angry or if your relationship is hard with them.

But everyone responds to love. And everyone responds to forgiveness. I would say, beloved, if you have anyone in your family – a friend, a parent, a child – that you’re estranged from, that there’s anger between you or misunderstanding, or any matter of offense, any matter of stupidity, anything, we need to do what Jesus did. We need to forgive them as God has forgiven us. It has nothing to do with whether or not they deserve the forgiveness or not. They don’t. I don’t even have to know who they are to know that they don’t. And I know that because I know I don’t deserve forgiveness. I don’t deserve it, and God reached down and forgave me and brought me to Himself.

If you’re a Christian it’s because God has come to earth for sinners and has brought you to Himself. How can we dare not forgive anyone else, regardless of what they’ve done to us, if God who is all holy has forgiven us?

… We are all born into original sin. Every one of us has gone astray. Every one of us have turned our own way.  Every one of us has wanted to be our own God. Every one of us. Because we think it’s the way of freedom and happiness and we deserve it. We can do our own thing -we can because God gave us freedom – but we’ll never be happy. The only way we’ll ever be happy is by being in God’s design. Functioning in love, and in freedom, and in wholeness, and knowing who we are and whose we are. That God is a God of love who made us for Himself.”

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