Does Fear Control You?

Does Fear Control You?

scared-kidsThe Archdiocese of Washington has a great article by Msgr. Charles Pope, “What We Fear Controls Us – A Meditation on the ‘Eighth Deadly Sin'” on how to not let fear take control of your life. Msgr. Pope writes about the role that fear can play in our lives, particularly the fear of rejection. He writes:


So much do we fear rejection and not being popular that we will sin in very serious ways in order to gain the approval of others and the world. Young girls will give away their bodies to mere boyfriends in order to be approved. Young men will join gangs and get in all sorts of trouble to be approved and accepted. People will spend enormous amounts of money buying things they cannot really afford just to impress people they do not even really know or like. People will walk up to a group engaged in very ugly gossip or unchaste conversation and join right in just to gain entrance to the group. People will dress and act immodestly, even if it’s uncomfortable, just because “everyone else is doing it” and they feel they must also in order to be accepted and approved.

The list could go on but you get the point. What we fear controls us.

But Msgr. Pope also offers a solution. Find out what it is at the Archdiocese of Washington Blog.

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