New healthcare directory connects Catholic patients and providers

New healthcare directory connects Catholic patients and providers

wellcatholic logoFor many Catholics, finding a healthcare provider who respects their values and beliefs can be a challenge. In some cases, the lack of common values between patient and doctor can lead to frustration and a lack of trust.

In response to this challenge, Dr. Greg Bottaro, PsyD, recently founded WellCatholic, a web site that connects patients with healthcare providers who uphold Catholic values.  

Working as a psychologist in New York, Bottaro received many requests for recommendations of Catholic doctors in other areas of the country. Botarro recently told Catholic News Agency:

“Story after story came in saying that there were so many ways that not having that faith in common really hurt the care they were receiving.”

WellCatholic is a nationwide, online directory that includes providers of all healthcare specialties in both the physical and mental health fields. All providers who are listed on WellCatholic practice in accordance with a set of promises (established by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Healthcare Workers) that distinguish Catholic values in the healthcare sector. 

The site recently launched, and relies on an online community to nominate healthcare professionals and spread the word about the service, in order to create a robust directory. Bottaro said:

“If people really love the vision and feel like they would benefit from this, we really need grassroots support. Right now we’re just getting started, so there’s definitely a need for community support behind this.”

For more, check out the WellCatholic web site, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.