Right Here, Right Now Podcast for June 13, 2014

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show… Forgiveness

  • Question about forgiving yourself
  • Comment on topic: People don’t always realize what they’ve done to offend you and may become defensive
  • Comment on topic: Telling the full truth
  • Comment on topic: I have a hard time with forgiveness
  • Comment on topic: My husband told me he had an affair 25 years ago
  • Comment on topic: My sister stopped talking to me
  • Comment on topic: When I feel angry at someone, I keep telling myself that I forgive that person and eventually I am able to forgive
  • Comment on topic: I had issues with my son’s birth mother, but I had to understand her side to forgive her
  • Comment on topic: Forgiveness is for you, not always for the other person. I had to forgive after my time in Iraq to let go of my anger
  • Comment on topic: My sister financially abused my parents and it was very difficult to forgive
  • Comment on topic: My siblings were not aware of how they hurt me.
  • Comment on topic