Right Here, Right Now Podcast for June 11, 2014

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show… Media Disinformation

  • Comment on Topic: I have been duped several times
  • What are Atheists trying to do with the Atheist television network?
  • Twitter: Most people follow sources that most align with their ideology
  • Twitter: Atheist network will bring more people to Christ
  • Have you done any debates with an Atheist? (The Godless Delusion, Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley)
  • Comment on Topic
  • We need strong Catechesis to respond to Atheists
  • Comment on Topic
  • Comment on Topic: Gospel of Barnabas
  • Comment on Topic: I am no longer Christian
  • Comment on Topic: I believe the Atheists should be able to have a television network because of Freedom of Speech
  • Comment on Topic: You can look around and see that God exists
  • Comment on Topic: At least Atheist network will get people thinking about whether or not God exists