Baby with Down Syndrome celebrated on 200-foot billboard

Baby with Down Syndrome celebrated on 200-foot billboard

what makes you different makes you beautiful“What makes you different is what makes you beautiful.”

That is the quote that accompanies a photo of Pip, an 18-month old girl with Down Syndrome, on a 200-foot billboard in one of Toronto’s busiest intersections.

The billboard is the result of a contest run by Indie88, a radio station in Toronto, and Pip’s billboard entry gained about 45,000 votes to win the coveted spot. Pip’s mom, Tara McCallan, said:

“I hope people see value in any and all life. I hope they get to see what I see in my daughter every day: a little, beautiful , happy soul. And yes, she has Down Syndrome, but I think differences in people need to be celebrated and we need to see the beauty in that.”

In America and the United Kingdom, nearly 92% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted. McCallan did not know about Pip’s Down Syndrome until her birth and at first she was shocked and grief-stricken by the news. However, 18 months later she says, “I so wish I could hold that mess of a woman in the hospital and tell her it would be OK.”

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