Right Here, Right Now Podcast for May 28, 2014

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show… Facebook Addiction

  • Comment on not using Facebook after Marriage
  • Comment on the Value of Facebook
  • Comment on using Facebook wisely
  • Comment on Psychological addiction and Facebook
  • Twitter: I’m addicted to Facebook
  • Twitter: My family kept in touch through facebook as poorly as before
  • Twitter: Never went back to Facebook. Too many old flames.
  • Twitter: I fast from Facebook so i know i can live without it.
  • Twitter: I lost friends on Facebook because I am stoutly Catholic
  • Comment on Topic: Facebook can start innocently, but can spin out of control
  • Comment on Topic: Facebook helped me share my wife’s life after her passing
  • Comment on Topic
  • How can I help a family member who is addicted to Facebook?
  • Comment on Topic: Any medium can be used either for good and for bad
  • Comment: My husband was on facebook too much, and now we are separated.
  • Comment to previous caller: Sometimes it helps to replace a bad behavior with a positive one.
  • Comment on topic: If there is time for Facebook, there is also time for scripture
  • Comment: An acquaintance began stalking me after reconnecting on Facebook
  • Comment: Social media is designed to keep you on as long as possible
  • Twitter: I left facebook for lent, and haven’t looked back
  • Twitter: I caught my ex cheating on me on Facebook.