Marriage support and enrichment a priority for the Church in San Francisco

Marriage support and enrichment a priority for the Church in San Francisco

wedding-couple-holding-handsSan Francisco’s Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone recently told the National Catholic Register that he considers supporting couples in the sacrament of matrimony to be a higher priority than opposing same-sex “marriage” laws. Archbishop Cordileone told the Register:


“The Church, and the Archdiocese of San Francisco in particular, seeks to fulfill the need of supporting and strengthening couples in marriage and family by teaching and forming them in their faith through retreats, seminars and ongoing programs which provide information and formation for engaged and married couples.”

These efforts include all aspects of married life, from strengthening marriage preparation and introducing marriage enrichment programs, to ministering to divorced or separated Catholics, as well as those who experience same-sex attraction.

Ed Hopfner, Director of Marriage and Family Life for the San Francisco Archdiocese, said:

“We need to educate people, but we also need to strengthen marriages — to offer resources for marriages that are struggling or to prevent them from struggling; to strengthen them and help them to flourish.”

Archbishop Cordileone tied in the pro-life message with the pro-family message, and indicated that the two are intrinsically linked:

“The challenge is one of rebuilding and restoring a marriage culture, which begins — and certainly doesn’t end — with preserving the principle that children deserve a mother and a father and that society should do everything it can, and offer all necessary support, to help ensure that children get what they deserve.”

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