Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Feb. 11, 2014

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show…

  • How can we verify the validity of the Bible and its teachings if it was written by man?
  • Is emersion necessary for baptism?
  • What is the church’s teaching on ectopic pregnancy? (Life Issues. Medical Choices, Kaczor-Smith)
  • Why do so many Jesuits have different views than Church teaching?
  • Why did Adam and Eve choose the path of evil? (Angels and Devils, Cruz)
  • Can angles become evil?
  • Is Life Site News a good site to refer to?
  • Can I have my grandson baptized if the parents won’t do it?
  • Comment on Adam and Eve
  • In extreme cases, can anybody baptize a child?
  • What is baptism of blood and baptism of desire?
  • What is the church’s teaching on creationism? (In the Beginning, Pope Benedict XV)
  • Can Catholics date non Catholics? (The ABC’s of Choosing a Good Wife, Wood)