Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Jan. 14, 2014

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show…

  • Do our souls stay on earth after we die? (Hungry Souls, Gerard Van Den Aardweg)
  • Was Mary really a virgin?
  • Did Jesus make a mistake by picking a fig?
  • Is Satan really in Hell?
  • Why doesn’t God destroy the Satan?
  • Should we convert people who are Jewish?
  • Is “Body Talk” ok in the eyes of the Church?
  • Did the Virgin Mary know ahead of time that her son was going to suffer?
  • Who baptised John the Baptist?
  • Is it good to go to Latin Mass?
  • Why did God create us on earth instead of in Heaven?
  • Is the reason people don’t see God because they don’t let God into their lives?
  • What is the Church’s stance on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development?
  • Are there books written on how to succeed in business using Catholic values? (The Catholic Briefcase, Randy Hain)
  • Do I need an annulment if my husband passed away?