Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Jan. 13, 2014

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show… What are you doing to p0repare for the end times?

  • Comment on what the Blessed Mother says about end times
  • Comment on end times and trust in Christ
  • Why do Catholics say Apostles Creed? (Four Witnesses, Rod Bennett, Surprised By Truth, Patrick Madrid)
  • Comment on preparing our family for the end times
  • Comment on praying for wisdom during these times
  • Comment on strengthening our spiritual basis for the end times
  • Comment on technology and the end times
  • Comment on the end times and keeping family close
  • Comment on Protestants believing that the Pope will support the anti-Christ in the end times (Pope Fiction, Patrick Madrid)
  • Comment that the spirit is willing and the body is weak