How to Raise Children Who Respect Life

How to Raise Children Who Respect Life
Photo source: National Catholic Register
Photo source: National Catholic Register

With the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade this month, many parents wonder what they can do to instill in their children a respect for the sanctity of human life. Children today are growing up in, what Pope Francis calls, a “throwaway culture” – a culture that casts aside the unborn, the poor, the elderly, and the disabled in the name of efficiency.  Joseph Pronechen at the National Catholic Register recently wrote an article with some great insights on how Catholic families can fight against this “throwaway culture” and build a culture of life in their homes.

1. Prayer

One of the most important aspects of building a culture of life is prayer. At St. Mary Church in Escondido, CA, the parish supports the local pregnancy center, Culture of Life Family Services, not only with resources, but also with prayer. St. Mary’s pastor, Father Richard Perozich, told the Register:

“We encourage everyone to keep a list to pray for every family member, as well as friends and church members. Pray for these people every day, praying for their welfare.”

2. Witness

In addition to prayer, living with respect and gratitude for human life is essential in raising your children to do the same. Laura Sirilla is one of 10 children, and remembers her whole family always sitting in the front row at Mass. She said, “Mom paraded us up the center aisle. You couldn’t deny that we were there.”

The witness of her parents made an impact, and with six children of her own, Sirilla still knows the importance of going to Mass as a family. She said:

“Just being out with your family is a witness … Just being there as a family and participating as a family is a physical witness as to what family life can be, and to what the fruitfulness of marriage can be.”

3. Love

The greatest thing you can do to help your children love and respect life is to love and respect them. Mary Ann Kuharski, founding member and director of Prolife Across America and mother of 13, told the Register:

“Love your babies; love your spouse; love your neighbor. Let others see how much you love your children. There is nothing that speaks volumes more than loving your children. Let them see your witness. If we want our children to be Catholic, we need to love the Church. If we want our children to be pro-life, they need to know what we pray for and why. And that stems from the Church — because there we learn the love the Church has for all human life. … The most pro-life thing is to love my baby and nurture my little one in faith and love.”

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