Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Nov. 27, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show: Stress & the Holidays

  • How do you keep the peace in the house when people with different religions gather to celebrate the holidays?
  • Some people won’t invite those with differing opinions to celebrate holidays together
  • My brother-in-law doesn’t want to host holidays anymore, and won’t participate with the rest of us. Can we do anything to keep everyone together?
  • We used to argue at Thanksgiving until our mom got cancer, and we learned that true gratitude was what we needed.
  • What should we say to friends that have a homosexual child over the holidays?
  • We should focus on the things we agree on, instead of on the things we disagree
  • Some people can’t handle the commotion of the holidays, and can only visit for a short time
  • How can I respond to the Pope’s comments on Capitalism at Thanksgiving?
  • Comment on Pope’s remarks on Capitalism
  • I used to handle holiday stress by drinking and focusing on gifts
  • Should we invite a homosexual sibling and his partner to our gatherings?