Right Here, Right Now Podcast for November 6, 2013

On today’s show, guest-host Patrick Coffin discussed . . .

  • Comment on film, “Magdalene Sisters”
  • Comment on film, “Gravity”
  • Are there any resources for Catholic actors?
  • Comment on a French 50’s film about prisoners on death row
  • Comment on evangelization power of cinema
  • Does the film, “The Rite” portray the Church in a correct light?
  • Comment on Bladerunner and its religious undertones
  • Comment on Christian themes in Megamind
  • Comment on Russian movie, The Island,  that takes place in monastery
  • Comment on the movie, The Outsiders.
  • Comment on previous call about Catholic /Christian theater companies
  • Wanted to comment on For Greater Glory
  • Comment on movies that inspire the faith
  • Daughter was non-believer until she saw Emily Rose