Flannery O’Connor’s Prayer Journal Published

Flannery O’Connor’s Prayer Journal Published

oconnor prayer journalFlannery O’Connor is considered to be one of America’s greatest fiction writers, and although her works (which include A Good Man is Hard to Find, Wise Blood and Revelation) are viewed by some as violent and grotesque, she was Catholic and – in fact – a daily communicant.

O’Connor’s personal friend, W.A. Sessions, recently discovered the prayer journal that O’Connor kept when she was 20 years old and a graduate student at the University of Iowa. On November 12, A Prayer Journal was published. In her prayer journal, O’Connor wrestles with some issues that are common for Christian writers and artists:

 “Please let Christian principles permeate my writing, and please let there be enough of my writing (published) for Christian principles to permeate.”

“I want so to love God all the way. At the same time I want all the things that seem opposed to it—I want to be a fine writer.”

She also wrestles with issues that all Christians can relate to, such as prayer and humility:

“My dear God, how stupid we people are until You give us something. Even in praying it is You who have to pray in us.”

“Don’t let me ever think, dear God, that I was anything but the instrument for Your story—just like the typewriter was mine.”

“Give me the grace, dear God, to adore You, for even this I cannot do for myself.”

For more, read Casey N. Cep’s wonderful analysis in The New Yorker.