Appeals court reinstates Texas pro-life law

Appeals court reinstates Texas pro-life law

texas flagPro-life advocates in Texas scored a victory last week, as the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated provisions of a law that requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. The unanimous decision of the appeals court will halt abortions at as many as 13 of Texas’ 36 licensed abortion providers.

House Bill 2 drew national attention in June when state senator Wendy Davis filibustered against the bill for 10 hours. The law also bans abortions after 20 weeks and requires that abortions only be performed in ambulatory surgical centers. These provisions of the law were not challenged.

Elizabeth Graham, director of Texas Right to Life, said:

“Legislators worked so hard to pass House Bill 2 because they are not only concerned about protecting the unborn, but also about women going to abortion clinics with sub-standard conditions and unsanitary equipment.”

The recent decision of the Fifth Circuit is temporary, as a trial will likely take place in January 2014, during which full arguments on the constitutionality of the law will be heard. However, until then, abortions will be stopped at more than one-third of the state’s abortion facilities.

Graham said:

“This is a historic week in Texas for the pro-life cause, for women’s health, and most importantly, for the unborn.”

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