Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Oct. 10, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show, live from the Catholic Radio Association Conference in Birmingham, AL…

  • Why do Catholics do Eucharistic Adoration?
  • Comment on previous show’s call regarding Confession
  • Comment on Adoration, and Tradition (The Hidden Manna – O’Connor)
  • My husband had a vasectomy and now regrets it. What can we do? (Life Issues, Medical Choices – Kaczor and Smith)
  • Personal testimony to the power of the Eucharist
  • Comment on Adoration, and biblical references to the Eucharist
  • How can we best concentrate while praying the Rosary?
  • Does the Holy Spirit work through non-Catholic churches?
  • How can Christians celebrate veterans and armed forces when Jesus says to lay down our arms and bless our enemies?
  • Romans 9 makes it sound like we have no moral responsibility. What does it mean? (Predestination – Garrigou-Lagrange)
  • Do we pray to the same God as the Muslims?