Newman Guide recommends colleges that provide faithful Catholic education

Newman Guide recommends colleges that provide faithful Catholic education

newman guideThe Cardinal Newman Society recently released its 2014 guide to choosing a Catholic college, which recommends colleges based on their commitment to provide a faithful Catholic education.

Just as each student is unique, the 28 colleges and universities recommended in the Newman Guide offer different environments and opportunities for their students, so that prospective students can choose the school that best fits their needs and preferences.

Thomas Mead, executive vice president of the Newman Society and managing editor of the guide and magazine, said in a press release:

“For those students seeking a college education, I cannot recommend enough that they take a close look at the broad range of faithful colleges recommended in The Newman Guide. … While strong Catholic campus ministries at secular colleges can minimize the well-documented and too often destructive secular influences at public colleges and universities, only at a faithful Catholic college will a student be able to find a truly Catholic education.”

The 2014 Newman Guide includes 22 Catholic colleges and universities from around the country, four English-language programs abroad and two online programs.

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