U.S. Bishops’ Labor Day Statement

U.S. Bishops’ Labor Day Statement

USCCBIn honor of the Labor Day holiday, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released their Labor Day statement, highlighting the Catholic Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and the dignity of work, and how that is lived out in our current economic landscape.

The statement was written by Bishop Stephen E. Blaire of the Diocese of Stockton. Bishop Blaire is the Chairman of the Conference’s Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development. In the statement, he writes,

Every human being enjoys a basic right to be respected, not because of any title, position, prestige, or accomplishment but first of all because we are created in the image and likeness of God. … Labor Day is an opportunity to take stock of the ways workers are honored and respected.

The statement goes on to address issues such as income inequality, just wage, unions and immigration policies, concluding with a call to action for the faithful.

Therefore, on this Labor Day 2013, let us renew our commitment to promote the dignity of the human person through work that is honorable, pays just wages, and recognizes the God-given dignity of the working person.

Read the full statement at the USCCB web site.