Right Here, RIght Now Podcast for Sept. 30, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show…

  • Do members of non-Christian religions worship the same God? (Theology and Sanity – Sheed)
  • How many times in the Bible did God specifically bless a couple with a child?
  • Is Mary’s Perpetual Virginity in the Bible? If not, where is it?
  • If a priest leaves out “for many” in the Consecration prayers, is the Consecration invalid?
  • Is it okay to receive Communion at an Episcopal church in the Anglo-catholic tradition?
  • Is the book The Message by Eugene Peterson okay to read? (Ignatius Study Bible, A Year with the Bible – Madrid, Great Adventure series – Cavins, cssprogram.net)
  • Is there a difference between chastity and celebacy? Is it a worse sin to break a vow?
  • I see lots of Mason logos on cars in my church’s parking lot. Is that contrary to Catholic teaching? (Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons – Salza, Masonry Unmasked – Salza)
  • What did Philip likely say to the Ethiopian Eunich to cause him to convert?
  • Comment on receiving Communion in an Anglican church
  • What are some good book recommendations for someone without religion who’s dying of cancer? (Making Sense Out of Suffering – Kreeft, Abandonment to Divine Providence – de Caussade)