Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Sept. 18, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show:

  • Can Cardinals overrule the Pope?
  • My husband want to change his spiritual lifestyle. How can I be a part of that? (Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer, Thomas Dubay)
  • Comment on Joseph being assumed
  • Comment on using technology in mass/working on the sabbath
  • What advice can I give a family member marrying a non-Catholic?
  • Can I continue to serve another denomination as well at the Catholic church? (On a Mission, Patrick Madrid)
  • Comment on Catholic Church being the first church
  • What is the Church’s stance on IVF? (Life Issues, Medical Choices ,Janet E. Smith, Christopher Kaczor)
  • Can you help me understand John 18 and John 8?
  • What happens to unbaptized, aborted babies?