Catholic Education: Two Friends Keeping Each Other Honest

catholic school kidsMark Brumley, CEO of Ignatius Press, recently wrote an excellent commentary on the function and purpose of Catholic education. As the school year begins and many families send their children to Catholic schools, it is a good time to reflect on what makes a Catholic education unique. Brumley lays out and answers three fundamental questions:

“What is education? What is Catholic education? And how do the ‘education part’ and the ‘Catholic part’ fit together?”

Brumley goes on to unpack the teaching of the Church on this topic and refers to the “Catholic part” and the “education part” as “two friends keeping each other honest.”

“The ‘education part’ of Catholic education must keep the ‘Catholic part’ honest when it comes to the formation of the whole person, including the intellectual dimension. This helps Catholic education avoid becoming a glorified Bible study or apologetics program. … But the ‘Catholic part’ of Catholic education must keep the ‘education part’ honest, too. Otherwise, Catholic schools may achieve limited academic excellence or worldly success but at the expense of forming disciples.”

This is a great read for parents or anyone interested in the role the Catholic faith has in the education of our young people. Read the full commentary at the National Catholic Register.

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