Right Here, Right Now Podcast for July 31, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn this episode of Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid:

  • Can you explain true devotion to Mary? (33 Days to Morning Glory, Michael E. Gaitley)
  • Are we able to ask Old Testament biblical figures for intercessory prayer?
  • How can I respond to somebody who rejects the writings of Paul as inspired, and only believes the Gospels? (The World of Saint Paul, Joseph Callewaert)
  • When was Jesus born and where can I find that in scripture?
  • How can Mary be the mother of God?
  • Is Hell the same as what Jehovah Witness refer to as Hades?
  • Are we held accountable for not sharing our faith explicitly with others or is it enough to just live our lives as Christian witnesses?
  • How can I determine whether my wife winding down from day is gossip or not?
  • How severe of a sin can gossip be?
  • Follow up to true devotion to Mary.
  • What is the difference between preaching the Gospel with words and preaching the Gospel with our actions?
  • My priest told me not to be such a fanatic Catholic. How should I respond?