Right Here, Right Now Podcast for August 2, 2013

On today’s show…

  • Comment on The New American Bible translation
  • What is the meaning of the passage in Matthew when God gives treasure and the person hides treasure?
  • How can I get my friend, who is a drug addict, to come back to the church?
  • Why did they change the Eucharistic prayer from “shed blood for all” to “shed for many for forgiveness of sins?”
  • Why do converts have to wait until Easter each year to enter the Church?
  • When religious sisters, priests, etc. take their vows, why do they change their names?
  • Why isn’t gay marriage viewed as a civil rights issue?
  • Do Acts 9:7 and Acts 22:9 contradict each other?
  • What does “All glory and honor is yours” mean?
  • How much of a concern is sacramental abuse?
  • At at the second coming, will the ones who would go to purgatory go straight to heaven?
  • Is it ok that I don’t take precious blood because I don’t like sharing cup?

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