Right Here, Right Now Podcast for Aug. 20, 2013

Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid PodcastOn today’s show… Patrick answers your questions about…

  • Ecclesia Supplet – if a person dies and the priest doesn’t give last rights, does the church supply the grace regardless? (The Sacraments and Their Celebration, Nicholas Halligan)
  • Is prayer before meals something we can change?
  • Is it true that Catholics abstained prior to major Church holidays during the Middle Ages? (Those Terrible Middle Ages, Regine Pernoud, Anne Englund Nash)
  • How do I respond to people who think the Vatican is a “Maffia?”
  • How did we end up with so many people from just Adam and Eve?
  • Did St Paul write all of his epistles prior to the Gospels? (A Guide to the Bible, Antonio Fuentes)
  • Can a divorced person receive Holy Eucharist?
  • Is it okay that my priest refers to the Gospel as the “Third Reading?”
  • What is the Catholic view on taking medication for depression?
  • Is it a modern trend to have lighter penance given at confession? (The Sacraments and Their Celebration, Nicholas Halligan)
  • Is it a mortal sin to miss a Holy Day of Obligation?