Vanity Fair names Pope Francis ‘Man of the Year’

Vanity Fair names Pope Francis ‘Man of the Year’

pope-vanity_2613678fThe Italian edition of Vanity Fair has named Pope Francis “Man of the Year,” saying that his words and deeds “have already placed him in the category of world leaders who make history.”

The magazine includes quotes from five celebrities, including opera singer Andrea Bocelli and pop icon Sir Elton John, praising our Holy Father.

“Francis is a miracle of humility in an era of vanity,” Sir Elton John told the magazine.

It is apparent that Pope Francis has caught the attention of the world with his example of love and humility. From atheist writers at Esquire talking about how the pope is “kind of awesome” to being named Vanity Fair’s “Man of the Year,” the world is paying attention to the Holy Father and being inspired by what they see.

Kathryn Jean Lopez of the National Review wrote an excellent article that addresses why atheists and Catholics alike are captivated by Pope Francis. She says, “What they see in him is the love of Christ made manifest. They see this in his embrace of the outcast, the forgotten — the sick and disabled at packed audiences and Masses at the Vatican.”

She continues, saying,

“There’s a whole lot of radical countercultural teaching to repropose to the world. …. And while that will continue, it’s the love and mercy overflowing that will be the balm that will open hearts to sacramental salvation in the Church.”

So while those singing the praises of Pope Francis may not fully accept the teaching of the Church he leads, these are important steps in our mission of evangelization that will open hearts and minds to the fullness of the truth.

As Lopez says in her article, “There won’t be a cover story on the glory of Trinitarian Union anytime soon in Vanity Fair. But, if the authenticity model catches on, those readers might just wonder if those Catholics might be for real and have an alternative lifestyle worth considering.”