Right Here, Right Now Podcast for June 26, 2013

Today, Patrick discusses… Right Here, Right Now with Patrick Madrid Podcast

  • How does a pope falling short in some reflect on Papal Infallibility?
  • How do we answer non-Catholics that say there’s no difference between mortal and venial sin?
  • Comments on Supreme Court decision on DOMA and where the US is headed
  • What is the Church’s teaching on burying the dead?
  • What is the explanation of Matthew 7:6 and 12-14?
  • Is debating on social media a good/worthwhile thing to do?
  • Comment on Papal Infallibility
  • 2 Corinthians 12. What is being described and has that happened to anyone else?
  • Esther prayed and fasted for her nation; should we do the same now?
  • What can I do about my husband who is looking at pornography? (dads.org)